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Wednesday 20th January 2021

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With so many constraints in our 2021 world, it is even more evident how important it is to have an outlet, outward with exploration, every day. COVID-19 has altered freedom for so many. It inspires gratefulness for any space around us where we can seek challenge to keep pushing ourselves (and our family) outside, in nature, and out of our home comfort zone.

Days go by with homeschool, quarantine, and systemic fear looming. And with each day goes a missed opportunity to make the most of our lives and the adventures we love. We, David and I, undertook a self-created Your Quest to keep the spirit, body, and mind in shape (somewhat).

Restrictions are different depending, but in Canada, quarantine limits travel to within specific regions, counties. So we decided to explore new trails in our backyard. Over 11 months, we have researched all the routes, lengths, and elevation profiles and visited almost every trail we could find as a family. We were surprised to realize that there are many trails we were not aware of and had never explored in our 15 years of living, trail running, and biking regularly. It’s so easy to underestimate the feeling of seeking and discovering, even if it is in familiar surroundings or terrain. We all have a favourite trail that is just the right length with the right elevation has been your training standby. Yet, we overlook how refreshing it is to simply discover new terrain so close to home.  

Strive to seek new local destinations or landmarks with newly crafted routes. Switching up where you park, which access point you use to get to trails to find ‘new’ and remote features on the map—essentially creating your own navigating and orienteering challenge. We have discovered secluded waterfalls and little known caves. The power of working collectively as a family as a team to reach a point, a feature, is rewarding enough. After all, isn’t that what adventure is all about and why we all love it.

Taking the long windy road, being motivated to achieve something each day carries our family, team, bubble forward with hope and excitement. We recognize nothing here is earth-shattering. But just like adventure racing. One step. One day at a time. One new trail. One unique rock outcropping or vista. Discovery and exploration, the fundamentals keep the fires of adventure hot and burning. 

Before you go, remember to tell a loved one, share your Adventure Smart Trip Plan. Share “#yourquest” with us @primalquest. And as always, Leave No Trace.

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