Race Rules


These Race Rules (“Rule”) specify the conduct and behaviour of athletes during Primal Quest competitions (the “Competition”). The Rules are intended to:

1.1 Create an atmosphere of sportsmanship, equality, and fair play

1.2 Provide safety and protection;

1.3 Emphasize ingenuity and skill without unduly limiting the athlete’s freedom of action;

1.4 Penalize athletes who gain an unfair advantage by any means, including use or interpretation of the Rules in an unintended manner;


2.1 The official language of the Competition is English.

2.2 Teams are responsible for providing translation services from/to English for their own athletes


3.1 The Rules are adapted from the official World OCR Competition Rules.

3.2 An athlete shall not be permitted an advantage not intended by a rule, or to conduct him/herself in a dangerous way.

3.3 Officials base their judgments on whether an advantage, not intended by the Rules, has been gained.


The following safety equipment must be carried by each team during the entire race:

4.1 Race provided GPS Tracking Device (1 per team)

4.2 Race provided Smoke Bomb (2 per team)

4.3 Team Provided Cell Phone (1 per team, fully charged, powered off and waterproofed) Only to be used in emergency.

4.4 Team provided cell phone back up power source.

4.5 Team provided GPS (any number)


5.1 Motorized means of travel including but not limited to ski lifts, gondolas, vehicles, motorcycles, and motor scooters, e-bikes

5.2 Travel by any means that is inconstant to intended travel

5.3 IV administration other than by PQ Medical staff – (and in that case, will result in Disqualification)

5.4 Support crews for Pure Teams (Support crews are required for Pursuit Teams)


6.1 The gear identified on the Mandatory Gear List is for your team’s safety. Please adhere to the gear list guidelines

6.2 It is your responsibility to come completely prepared with contingency plans, gear and back up


7.1 Skills Check will be conducted; Ropes & Climbing, Paddling & White Water.

7.2 Ropes & Climbing skills will be tested as per items listed;

  • Overcoming a difficult edge while descending
  • Passing anchor points using lanyards with carabiners
  • Loading rappel device
  • Body position & edge transition
  • Brake hand placement & proper use
  • Staying in control – Speed / Control (i.e. no bouncing)
  • Prusik tying and use as an autoblock
  • Demonstrating an emergency stop (releasing autoblock and allowing the prusik hitch to stop the rappel)
  • Communication: Whistle, Voice, Hand Signals (to be discussed)

7.3 Paddling & White Water skills will be tested as per items listed;

  • Self-Rescue/Swimming
  • River Fording
  • Enter/Exit Boat
  • Ferry Glide
  • Enter/Exit Eddies
  • Wet Entry – Boat
  • Identifying/Negotiating Hazards
  • Scouting Rapids
  • Lining Craft Around Rapids
  • Portaging
  • River Signals – Hand (to be discussed) & Whistle


We are a small community of like-minded adventurers coming together to share an amazing experience; we ask that you all make good sound decisions on the course and we highly encourage each of you to reconsider before submitting any protest.

8.1 In the event of a protest, the protesting team must notify race staff as soon as practical. Verbal protests must be done discretely and respectfully with a Race/Course Director or CP/TA captain.

8.2 Protests must be made in writing, signed, dated and time verified and countersigned by race staff.

8.3 If the protesting team wishes the protest to go to adjudication by the race jury, a $250 deposit shall be made in $US cash before the jury meets. This will be refunded only if the protest is upheld.

8.4 Any public protest or display of disgust with the staff, volunteers or contents of the race rules or their application will result in disqualification of the protesting team.  It should also be noted that we will not take accusations lightly.

8.5 Race management will pronounce all penalties after all fact finding has been completed. This process may involve, but is not limited to, interviews with the protesting and protested teams, interviews with any witnesses, interviews with CP/TA captains and viewing of video tape or photos.  The race committee will confer and arrive at a decision. Race committee is made up of; Race Director, Safety and Athlete Representative and Course Director.

8.6 Penalties, if imposed, will be served at a CP or TA designated by the race director.

8.7 In the event a team leaves a mandatory section of course, or travels in an area or on a route prohibited by the Rules, the team must renter the course at the place they left it. This must be done under their own power.


9.1 If your team is withdrawing from the event, they must notify the nearest CP/TA staff or send us a message via GPS Unit.

9.2 If one member of a team withdraws from the race, the entire team is disqualified and must cease participation.

9.3 Failure to assist a withdrawing teammate to the next CP or TA will result in disqualification. If a teammate is not assisted to the next CP or TA, and Search and Rescue Costs are incurred, the team will be charged for these costs


10.1 Teams will be provided with a race jersey for competition. Athletes are required to wear this jersey as their outer garment at all times, excluding paddling sections.  The only time the jersey will not be the outer-most garment is during the water sections, in which case the PFD will cover all garments.  No other sponsor branding shall appear on this jersey. Jerseys may not be removed except in transition areas to change clothing.  Sponsor logos/patches and decals will be allowed on any other part of the body including head, legs, neck, arms and shoulders.  Penalty for an obstructed, altered or missing jersey will be 3 hours per each occurrence per person.

10.2 Primal Quest provides patches for the back of the PFD and Backpack. These must be sewn on by the athletes and are mandatory.

10.3 Decals will be provided and must be applied to helmets with logo and team number decals present as indicated on instructions provided with the patches and decals. Time penalties may be issued for non-compliance.

10.4 All bicycles must have number plate attached to the front of each bike. Time penalties may be issued for non-compliance.


11.1 World OCR has adopted the World Anti-Doping AgencyCode (the “Code”). World OCR Anti-Doping Rules are adopted and implemented in compliance with World OCR’s responsibilities under the Code and are in furtherance of FISO’s continuing efforts to prevent doping in the sport of Obstacle Racing.

11.2 Anti-Doping Rules, like Competition rules, are sport rules governing the conditions under which sport is played. Athletes and other Persons accept these rules as a condition of participation and shall be bound by them. These sport specific rules and procedures, aimed at enforcing anti-doping policies in a global and harmonized manner, are distinct in nature and, therefore, not intended to be subject to or limited by any national requirements and legal standards applicable to criminal proceedings or employment matters. When reviewing the facts and the law of a given case, all courts, arbitral tribunals and other adjudicating bodies should be aware of and respect the distinct nature of the anti-doping rules in the Code and the fact that these rules represent the consensus of a broad spectrum of stakeholders around the world with an interest in fair sport.

11.3 These Anti-Doping Rules shall apply to World OCR, each National Federation of World OCR, and each Athlete or other Person involved in the activities of World OCR or any of its National Federations by virtue of the Athlete or other Person’s membership, accreditation or participation in World OCR or its National Federations’ activities and/or Events.

11.4 Accordingly, these Rules shall apply to all Doping Controls over which World OCR and its National Federations have jurisdiction including but not limited to FISO World Championships, World Cup Races, World Series events, Continental events, National Federations Championships and series events which are of the format specified by World OCR Competition Rules. It is the responsibility of each National Federation to ensure that all national-level Testing on the National Federation’s Athletes complies with these Anti-Doping Rules.

11.5 These Anti-Doping Rules shall also apply to all individuals involved in any capacity in obstacle sports who are members of World OCR National Member Federations and/or National Anti-Doping Organizations, affiliated members, clubs, teams or associations, as well as to any individuals involved in any Obstacle Sports Competition, Event or activity organized, held, convened or sanctioned by National Federations or National Anti-Doping Organizations or their affiliated members, club, teams or associations. This includes all Athlete Support Personnel who are working with, treating or assisting Athletes or any other individuals described above to participate in or prepare for any and all OCR Events or Competitions. ​

Download the complete printable World OCR Anti-Doping Rules in the link below.

WADA Athlete Guides

Prohibited Substance List

Therapeutic Use Exemption Principles & Practices

Parent’s Guide to Support Clean Sport

Physician Tool Kit








The following rules and consequences are not exhaustive. Additional or adjusted penalties may be applied.