Mandatory Gear List*

* May 4th changes in blue, July 6th changes in yellow

Mandatory items are those that we require you and your team to carry and is intended for minor injury and short term survival. What you and your team decide to take in addition is your decision. Gear checks will occur during the race and missing gear may result in penalty or disqualification so please ensure you are carrying the required equipment before departing each TA.

Mandatory Personal Gear & Equipment – carried on each and every individual at ALL times

Mandatory Team Gear & Equipment – carried amongst the team at ALL times. Mandatory Team Equipment can be shared between team members any way a team likes.

Mandatory Personal Gear & Equipment – on each person at all times

Gear Type Number Gear Notes
PQ Official Race Bib 1 Provided by PQ. Must be worn at ALL times as the outermost layer
Backpack 1 Adequate size to carry all personal items
Bladder/Means for Carrying H20 1 Adequate size for carrying fluid
Windproof Lighter 1 Matches not acceptable
Whistle 1 Waterproof, pea-less and must be accessible
Knife 1 Minimum 2” Blade, Folding OK, and must be accessible
Headlamp 1 Functioning with extra batteries available
Survival Blanket/Bag 1 Silver foil style
Reflective Tape 3 Minimum 1”x2” for Helmets (2), 1”x6” for Backpack
Brimmed Hat 1 Recommended – for sun protection
Water Purification Tablets 1 Recommended as there will be natural water sources available
Signal Mirror 1 Minimum 3”x3”
Sleeping Bag 1 Must be appropriate full length synthetic or down sleeping bags. No sac, blizzard, top bags or wraps (1 bag pp for the glacier section other sections 1 per team) Your team will spend AT LEAST ONE NIGHT on the glacier section. 
Strobe Light 1 Minimum 3 Mile Visibility. Must be 360 degree high intensity white light, waterproof minimum to 10m with charged batteries. Used (on both land and sea) to alert others to your location. Headlamps or bicycle lamps that flash are not acceptable. Must bring means to attach to shoulder on PFD (see Kayak/Raft Gear)
Evacuation Insurance (TUGO Membership or equivalent) 1 Must carry a waterproof copy of membership.

Travel Insurance Link for Race Participants




Mandatory Personal Gear & Equipment – Mountain Bike

Gear Type Number Gear Notes
Mountain Bike 1 Must function mechanically, no electric bikes, no cross bikes, no road bikes
Helmet 1 International Safety Certification
Front Light 1 Must function. One or two headlights project forward 300ft. Helmet mounted lights acceptable
Back Light 1 Must function. A red rear-facing light projects back 300ft (steady or flashing ok). Bike mount required
Bike Box For transport and travel (details provided in Newsletter)

Mandatory Personal Gear & Equipment – Kayak/Raft

Gear Type Number Gear Notes
PFD 1 Minimum 15.5 pds buoyancy – International Standard, no inflatables with 1”x3” Reflective Tape
Helmet 1 For WhiteWater Sections. Bike Helmet OK
Kayak Paddle 1

Competitors to supply double bladed variety for kayak

Glowsticks 6 4” glow sticks with zip ties. Attached to PFD shoulder both day and night. Extras may be required (3 additional per person)
Dry Bag 1 For dry storage of mandatory gear & equipment (we highly recommend that this is a high quality dry bag which you can fit your entire backpack inside. It is acceptable to have 2 extra-large dry bags per team each capable of holding 2 backpacks
Straps 1 To secure dry bag to boat
Whistle 1 Attached to PFD, easily accessible. Pea-less, wet functioning
Knife 1 With scabbard sheath, folding OK, min 2.5”, locking blade. Attached to PFD, with lanyard, easily accessible
Strobe Light 1 Must bring means and attach to shoulder on PFD. Minimum 3 Mile Visibility – i.e. Princeton Tec, Xenon – Must be 360 degree high intensity white light, waterproof minimum to 10m with charged batteries. Used (on both land and sea) to alert others to your location
Wetsuit/Cool Water Gear 1 Highly Recommended

Mandatory Personal Gear & Equipment – Ropes


Gear Type Number Gear Notes
Climbing Harness 1 Fully certified (International UIAA and CE standards) climbing harness with full webbing waist and leg loops. Metal buckle closure with Waist webbing. No Velcro or Carabiner closure mechanisms. Good condition
Locking Carabiners 2 Auto-locking no screw gate. Fully certified (International UIAA and CE standard).Good condition
Prussic Loop 1 19” (end to end after knotted) 5mm cord using double Fisherman’s Knot for construction or PreSewn Holoblock  https://www.mec.ca/en/product/5033-570/Hollow-Block-Hitch-Sling
Helmet 1 Climbing certified helmet (International UIAA and CE standard). Bike Helmet ok.
Rappel/Belay Device 1 ATC/Figure 8 ok . No Rappel Rack
Gloves 1 pair Short or long fingered if desired

Mandatory Personal Gear & Equipment – Mountaineering

Gear Type Number Gear Notes
Crampons 1 8-10 pt (no microspikes, yak traks)
Ice Axe 1 Fit to your height
GPS Unit 1 One per team(Phone with GAIA GPS App OK)
Harness 1 Harness from rope gear ok
Helmet 1 Helmet from rope gear ok
Locking Carabiners 2 Biners from ropes gear ok
Climbing Rope 2/team 15meter (9mm) segments
Sleeping Bag 1 Should withstand zero degree temp.
Thermarest 1 Highly recommended
Mountaineer Boots 1 Highly recommended

Mandatory Team Gear & Equipment – With Team at All Times

Emergency Smoke Bombs2Provided by PQ ($20 cash at registration)

Gear Type Number Gear Notes
Compass 2 Main navigation compass and backup carried in separate location
Dry Bag 2 Fully Waterproof. Must carry GPS/Sat Phone etc
GPS Tracking Device 4 Provided by PQ
PQ Map Set/Passport 2 Provided by PQ
Waterproof Map Case 1 Adequate size to fit large maps
Spare Headlamp 1 To serve as back up to 4 personal headlamp
Trowel 2 For burying waste
Tent 1 Tent (emergency shelter) MUST be rated minimum 3 seasons. Floor MUST be sewn in. Waterproof single skin tents acceptable, double skin recommended. Must be sufficient size for all team members to fit in without touching the sides, this will be tested. Must include all poles, stakes and tie downs. No bivy sacs
Cell Phone 2 ‘Waterproof’ Cell phone with CA service loaded with GAIA GPS App with back up batter power (For emergency use only)

Mandatory Team Gear & Equipment – First Aid Kit

Gear Type Number Gear Notes
First Aid Kit Various
  • 1oz Cortisone Cream (For minor skin irritations)
  • 10oz Sunscreen
  • 10x Betadine, iodine, alcohol swabs
  • 1x First Aid Tweezers
  • 1x Needle
  • 4x Moleskin (3.5”x3.5” – be prepared to resupply if necessary)
  • 1x Duct Tape (10’)
  • 1x Gauze Roll (5’×2”)
  • 6x Butterfly Bandages
  • 10x Electrolyte Replacement Tablets
  • 10x Glucose Replacement Tablets
  • 4x Gauze Pads (4”x4”)
  • 1x Adhesive Tape (24”x1”)
  • 4x Antihistamine Tablets (For allergic reactions)
  • 4x Safety Pins
  • 2x Ace Bandages (3” Bandages)
  • Foot Care Supplies (As needed)

Mandatory Team Medical Kit – Full time carried by the team at ALL times

Important:  Realise these are the MINIMUMS required and are intended to deal with acute trauma. In most cases your team is the first to respond and should take personal responsibility for what you might encounter, we recommend your team consider the more common ailments and treatments that you may require – electrolytes, anti-diarrheal, blister/foot related care etc. Our trained medical staff will be positioned at TA’s to deal with emergencies Please remember to carry personal medication with you at all times e.g. inhalers, medications etc.

Mandatory Team Gear & Equipment - Mountain Biking

Gear Type Number Gear Notes
Bike Repair Kit 1 Tools and supplies to fix tube punctures, broken chain
Bike Assembly Tools 1 Tools to assemble and disassemble

Mandatory Team Gear & Equipment – Kayak/Raft

Gear Type Number Gear Notes
Commercial Grade Throw Bag 2 36 ft. length minimum, rope must float, attached to boat and accessible
Glow Sticks 6 4” glow stick with zip tie attached to rear deck of each boat. Extras may be required (3 additional per boat = 6)
Mesh or Equivalent Team Paddle Bag 1 Labeled. Must fit all 4 team paddles