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8th Edition Wrap Up

Wednesday 31st October 2018

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Wanted to reach out and thank everyone on the success of the 8th Edition Primal Quest.

What an incredible event and epic edition in British Columbia – the course certainly delivered and the weather in the southern coastal region created a surreal landscape and challenge for all! The mountains misted with fog, the rocks slippery and wet, the rivers flooded the canyons with high flow and adventure. It was wild and the sky’s broiled from above and evolved the optics of the terrain. As we all witnessed, the tough conditions didn’t deter the racers and their determination to see the course to its end. Very proud of the adventurous spirits of such a qualified field of racers and staff and that prevailed.


With an amazing assemblage of qualified staff and volunteers that managed the behind the scenes and front.  Through the ongoing logistics that carry through darkness of nights and light, through stressful weather and organizational situations to the joy of completion as a team. In the end, things weren’t perfect but they were pretty DARN good! Just like adventure racers try to achieve the perfect race, race organizers attempt the same. It will take some time for all of us to process the experience. We reached the other side together, in-tact with some physical and mental stress but overall whole and having delivered a life changing positive experience.


I owe great appreciation to all each and every racer, staff and volunteer that adapted and delivered. As the dust begins to settle there are so many people that I want to extend deep gratitude. To my husband and partner there are no words to define the depths of support, value and contributions and to my family that have tirelessly supported us through this adventure.


We are still processing all of the valuable input and feedback and we very much appreciate it all. Stay tuned as we work towards the 9th Edition!





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