North America’s Premier Expedition Race

British Columbia, Canada

The Primal Quest Experience

Primal Quest is perfect for athletes hungry to experience an ultimate lifetime adventure.
The course will be more than challenging, with epic climbs and quick descents. The 8th Edition course is set in remote areas of BC and racers will be surrounded by stunning scenic glaciers, hundreds of miles of single-track trails, untouched back-country, and pristine glacial mountains.

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Over 1.5 million epic adventure enthusiasts watched the Primal Quest Expedition Race in 2015.
6.5 million engaged with us on social media.
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Meet Inspiring Athletes

Olof Hedberg

Team NYARA/Journey

Primal Quest 2015 – Tahoe

“The Primal Quest course was nothing short of spectacular, epic and most likely in contest for the best Adventure Race course ever designed.

There was 66,000 feet of vertical! Puts every other course into shame. Other races talk about mountains and hilly courses. This was beyond everything else.

Long distances and few check points. It was like a ‘normal’ leg between most check points. Each leg in Primal Quest was almost like it’s own adventure race in itself. I just finished USARA nationals and it was easier to finish that course, than it was to make it between many of the check points in Primal Quest.

And the ropes section! Absolutely amazing – can’t in words describe how awesome that was.”

Roy Malone

Team Bones

Malone has spent the past 14 years racing around the world with Team Subaru and Team Bones. From South Africa to New Zealand, he’s competed in 11 different countries including top 10 finishes in some of the world’s biggest expedition events- Eco Challenge, Southern Traverse, AR World Championships and of course Primal Quest.

Roy has completed with top finishes all seven previous Primal Quest races and looks forward to another great adventure in British Columbia next year.

Malone continues to bring his depth of history and experience as an Advisory Board Member for Primal Quest. Roy is one of the few adventure racers that is still racing consistently over almost a 15yr span.

In addition to his training and competing, Roy is an executive in the Financial technology (FinTech) sector and a father of four kids, living in El Dorado Hills.

“Maria, David and Paul. You guys put on a hell of a race. MUCH harder than PQ Tahoe 2003. Details were excellent. Organization was outstanding. We could tell that your heart and soul was in the race as your bloodshot eyes revealed the depth of your own sleep deprivation throughout the week.

Volunteers- wow! What a group.

May be the best I’ve seen in my 15 year racing career. Photographers, Outside TV, and sponsors. Thank you for supporting such a great sport. The drama of life gets concentrated and compressed during these races making for a rich experience. We realize it doesn’t happen without a team with the guts and resolve to do whatever is necessary to make it go. Here’s to the return of Primal Quest. Can’t wait for 2017!” – Roy Malone – Team Bones Adventure Racing

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About Primal Quest

“We inspire, share and celebrate the journey towards the inevitable transformative benefits that result from testing the limits of human endurance and embracing a healthy conscientious outdoor active lifestyle.”
– The Primal Quest Team


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