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An Open Letter from Maria Burton to you

Thursday 28th June 2018

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This is a message from my heart to yours, our beloved Primal Quest followers and adventure racing tribe.

I understand there may be concerns floating out there as to whether Primal Quest British Columbia is going to happen this September 2018. With total transparency, I want to address the rumors and clarify that this race is 100% ON! Myself and our entire Primal Quest team offer you all brutal honesty, humility and open dialogue.

True, though a tough but strategic call, we had to cancel last years’ race due to low registration numbers from the competing timing of the other North America AR world champs race. So understandably there may be some naysayers out there. However, as a small business owner, race director and diehard adventure racer myself I admit it was painful but necessary decision to make.

Luckily, this year hiatus was the right call and allowed both myself and my team to hit reset on all levels. We have truly come back smarter and even stronger in our values and passion for our PQ brand and our epic sport.

At my core I do believe adventure racing is a precious and transformational experience. I wake up every day with the certainty that the life changing benefits of AR are extremely important to share with as many people as possible. I am driven to provide these rare opportunities for people to actively explore and wildly experience real life adventure. It has shaped my life, my families’ world and deeply rooted our values of authenticity, health and rich connection to nature.

Please understand that there’s more than just me invested in the PQ legacy and future of this race. Standing at my side are solid partners, our amazing staff, dedicated volunteers, loyal sponsors and fellow athletes. United as one, we are fully committed to you all and our mission. We have worked diligently for the last two years on producing the best possible race experience in British Columbia and are more than ready to rock! In fact, we have already started on our 2019 race and plan to offer special early bird registration for 2019 at the close of this race!

As you already know, adventure racing transcends deep into everyday life and for this I give much gratitude. Like you, on the start line of all my expedition races, I understood the meaning of bravery. In the darkest of nights, we have been granted stillness of the soul and her soothing energy of the Mother Earth. At the edge of physical despair, we have had to reach wisely and deeply into our inner spirit for guidance. In the moments before daybreak we’ve each understood the meaning of hope on the horizon. But the most valuable of all rewards, was the human connection and bonded experience with my 3 other kindred teammates.

Like training for AR, the day to day work of creating a race can appear as a solitary venture. However, there is no race and no victory without a team. As humans, we are meant to do these things together, to experience the effort, heartache and the wonder. An opportunity where we journey and race alone but together as one. Collectively, we share one united goal, to experience, to explore and discover and ultimately know ones’ best self to the core.

Hopefully you can all understand my hearts truth and our teams vision. We are all in on this race and on your success with us. We appreciate your support and welcome any feedback.

We hope you each join us this September to truly see what we’ve created that’s so special.



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