Chapter 6 – Queenstown

Event Summary

Teams started and finished their 2017 GODZone in Queenstown. The course took on a stunning linear course, in an anti-clockwise direction around the spectacular Lake Wakatipu. The route kicked off with a high energy, mutlisport-style race, centred around the Skyline Gondola and Kawarau River with teams running, biking, paddling and gorgeering.

The explosive start was followed by longer stages through historic Arrowtown and Skippers Canyon. The Upper Shotover River then came into play with teams first enjoying a classic canoe and then some classic Grade IV and V rapids in the ultimate river rafting trip. Next up was some tricky and technical bike riding on the Moonlight Track and in Seven Mile. A big mission over Mt Crichton. A kayak to Glenorchy. A massive bike into the Lochy River, followed up by a big trek over the Eyre Mountains and then a final paddle to finish on Frankton Beach.


You can check out all the GODZone photos and videos in our galleries.

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