GZ Life

Inspiring Athletes

Many athletes entertain us with their strength, prowess or competitive spirit. Then there are those who inspire us with their ability to overcome adversity. Inspiration is a big driving force for increased sporting participation which is a very positive thing. After every GODZone we have received a lot of correspondence from viewers who have watched Live Coverage. They have been inspired by the event, by the competitors, even the volunteers and have decided to get out and spend some time outdoors – sometimes having been inert for a decade or more. Every person who takes on an event as demanding as GODZone has usually inspired a friend, their family or supporters. Participants can reflect warmly on the positive impact they have on the people and communities around them. We’ve been inspired by many of the GODZone competitors, enjoy their company and can do attitudes. We decided to talk to a few to see what makes them tick, what drives them forward and what they have learnt along the way. They’ll no doubt continue to inspire in the years ahead.

Matt Jeans

Cloud Base Nine

Finding the words to describe the GODZone experience and what it means to me has always been a struggle. How can I do justice to an event that has genuinely shaped me in to the person I am today? The race has been a profound and huge part of my life for half a decade now and has morphed into an annual pilgrimage of sorts. Without it I think I would still be lost, searching to find myself in this journey we call life....


Jo Williams

Torpedo 7

GODZone is one of the highlights of the year and the 2017 race didn’t disappoint. The terrain in New Zealand lends itself to adventure racing and the Queenstown course this year for GODZone was no exception, it was stunning and achieved the goal of showcasing the area. We were incredibly lucky with the weather, which made the experience, even more enjoyable. GODZone always manages to push the....


Struan Webb

Sneaky Weasel Gang

No one does GODZone and comes out of it the same person. When you sign up for GODZone you start a journey of learning, team building and growth that makes this race far more than a bucket list item. GODZone encompasses the fact we've got the best country in the world for adventure and a culture built on passion for the outdoors. It's no surprise that we have a history of success in adventure racing that borders on....


Isla Smith

Sneaky Weasel Gang

Having raced four times at GODZone, I thoroughly enjoy coming back to this event for another dose of adventure each year. For me, GODZone, and adveinture racing as a sport, is about pushing my limits, racing hard and experiencing the great outdoors in epic fashion, all while in the company of great mates! The challenge that GODZone entails has changed for me, initially it was the adventure that inspired me....


Brendan Hickman

Virbac Animal Health

WOW, what an adventure. The 2017 GZ Pursuit race was a massive challenge. Thankfully, being in the Pursuit meant it was more bearable with the presence of our fantastic support crew who kept us going with great food and encouragement at transitions. Favourite parts for us were mixing with all the other teams, being on top of Mt Crichton and seeing all the other back of beyond areas. Mostly though, it was thinking....


Kate Baxter

Best Foot Forward

Competing in the GODZone Pursuit event was a journey from the moment I finished volunteering last year. Seeing all these amazing people achieving something I believe to be quite extraordinary. I was blown away. It was the pinnacle of all races for me and knew I just had to do it. The race itself was far more than I expected. It was brutal but the perfect race and to finish second was quite surreal. Think it is still....


Brian Duffy

Countdown 270

GODZone is my Everest. A journey rather than an event and one that is simple in concept but remarkably complex and challenging in execution. It is demanding, multi-dimensional and intolerant of poor preparation or mistakes. As a team event GODZone accentuates and exaggerates all of the above. For me it has been a wonderful journey and an adventure of its own. By any measure GODZone is a huge....


Sakkie Meyer

Tineli Rollo's Outdoors

The unknown of it all! Not knowing what to expect, where the course will take us, when we will sleep and all the challenges each course throws at you. The camaraderie between all the teams, before, during and afterwards! It's an experience that you can't describe to anybody. The hardship, true grit and determination you experience out there to reach the finish line and get that satisfaction of "Wow!....


What makes you tick?

If you think you have a story to tell that can inspire others then let us know as we’d love to hear about it. Not everyone who reads about you will dream of doing GODZone but some will. Many or most will just see and read about the efforts you make, realise that you are still human (with all the ups and downs that go with that) and perhaps, just perhaps, they’ll take that decision to get outdoors and have fun. Inspiring others to take that first step is something that everyone competing at GODZone has done.